Looking for the Best Real Estate Agent Who Looks Knows About Roofing and the Best Plumbers Around

Whenever you are looking for a new home it can be exciting and stressful. It is the unknown that can stress you out. When you know the right people to trust, though, it makes it very easy. It can be hard finding people to trust, though. Definitely, if you are new to a certain area or maybe if you live in a small town. Hopefully, I can give you a few hints to help you out along the way. I know when I first got interested in all of this I thought I knew a lot. When I really did not know anything. It does not matter if you are looking for a new home, roof, or just a really good plumber. I think I can help you out.

If you are looking for a house you really need to find a good real estate agent. I know the best Oxford real estate agent. He does most of his business in the Oxford/Anniston area. So he has many connections around there. He knows the best plumber in Oxford, AL. He even knows some of the best Birmingham roofing people. He pretty much is the guy in the Oxford/Anniston area. He is the type of real estate agent you need to find.

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Buying a House with an Oxford Real Estate Agent

A few years ago my wife and I were on a house hunt. I tell you the beginning was not a good experience at all. We had many different Oxford real estate agents.  The first one we had we loved in the beginning. They seemed so nice and on our side. They were always showing us new homes. Well, that was the first week or so. Things soon started to change. They never seemed like to listen to what we were asking for in a house. They would keep showing houses that we would request not to look at. I would think that someone would learn your style that you are looking for. They never seemed to get the picture. Then they just stopped looking and asked if we had found any houses on the market. I mean really? Why would any good real estate agent ask that?

After a month with them, we moved on to several more who seemed about the same. Then we found Joey Crews. I had heard his name many times in the past from other people but life is learned not taught. It took Joey no time to figure out what kind of house style we liked. He always showed us houses that we could see ourselves living in. He also had so many connections with roofers, contractors, and plumbers. We were blessed to find him. We still call him from time to time.

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Roofing and Plumbing Problems

I love the winter time. When winter comes that always reminds me of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are my two favorite holidays. I also enjoy wearing winter gear. I like wearing my jackets and boots. Yeah, you can take a couple of man cards from me. It is a guilty pleasure. I am sure most men feel that way. We normally do not like hot weather at all. I hate humid summers in the South. It just drains the life out of you.

A few winters ago we had some pretty serious problems, though. We were having a very unusually cold winter. The weathermen said they have never seen an arctic freeze like this in the past. Well, we had sinks dripping like any other night but the morning brought us a new adventure. We woke up and the water would not run at all. I knew then that our pipes were frozen! I had no idea to call at first. We had our Oxford real estate agent’s business card on the fridge. So I decided to give him a call. He recommended C Mac plumbing. He is an Oxford plumber. He was able to save many of our pipes. He even asked me how our roof looked from the ice. He sent out a Birmingham roofer to take a look free of charge.

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Where is the Best Roofing Company in Alabama and Georgia

Depending on where you live certain times of the year you may go through some pretty bad storms. I know that when you are in the middle of a storm it is now fun at all to be part of. I can remember one time when we had a round of tornados run through our state. It was one very sleepless night. Luckily, only material things that got damaged and nobody lost their lives. You can always replace material things. You cannot replace a life. 

It is after the storm for some people where the big problem begins. I had some pretty bad roof damage and some plumbing problems too. The first person I thought of to help me though was my good friend Adam. He is always there for me when I need some help with these types of problems. He knows the best Oxford, AL plumber and roofing contractors in Birmingham and even in the state Georgia. It is nice when you can call on someone you can trust to help you in a tough time. That is why I am always thankful for having a friend like Adam. I know he will always be there to help!

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