Buying a House with an Oxford Real Estate Agent

A few years ago my wife and I were on a house hunt in Anniston we go in different places like Longleaf Botanical Gardens & Freedom Riders National Monument and Anniston known for their Restaurants like House of Chen And Heroes American Grill. I tell you the beginning was not a good experience at all. We had many different Anniston real estate agents. The first one we had we loved in the beginning. They seemed so nice and on our side. They were always showing us new homes. Well, that was the first week or so. Things soon started to change. They never seemed like to listen to what we were asking for in a house. They would keep showing houses that we would request not to look at. I would think that someone would learn your style that you are looking for. They never seemed to get the picture. Then they just stopped looking and asked if we had found any houses on the market. I mean really? Why would any good real estate agent ask that?

After a month with them, we moved on to several more who seemed about the same. Then we found Joey Crews. I had heard his name many times in the past from other people but life is learned not taught. It took Joey no time to figure out what kind of house style we liked. He always showed us houses that we could see ourselves living in. He also had so many connections with roofers, contractors, and plumbers. We were blessed to find him. We still call him from time to time.

People think that choosing a home is easy, that if it has roof and walls and it fit your budget, then that’s perfect. How difficult could it be, when everything is all the same?

What people do not understand is that there is no “same” house. Even when houses are identical, like those in subdivisions, they can never be exactly alike. There is difference in lot location, and even that single difference can have plenty of effects on the house. There will be different contract terms, inspection needs, repair needs, costs, among other things.

With all these things to take into consideration, facing them alone will surely bury you in paper work and requirements, and when things go haywire, you might end up making the wrong decisions and land a house you really do not want.

Hence, it is always best to hire a realtors to help you in making the right decision. Working with professionals makes sense when it comes to buying houses, because big money is involved. Of course, when choosing a realtor, make sure that you hire someone who is familiar in the local area you are targeting to buy a house in.