Roofing and Plumbing Problems

I love the winter time. When winter comes that always reminds me of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are my two favorite holidays. I also enjoy wearing winter gear. I like wearing my jackets and boots. Yeah, you can take a couple of man cards from me. It is a guilty pleasure. I am sure most men feel that way. We normally do not like hot weather at all. I hate humid summers in the South. It just drains the life out of you.

A few winters ago we had some pretty serious problems, though. We were having a very unusually cold winter. The weathermen said they have never seen an arctic freeze like this in the past. Well, we had sinks dripping like any other night but the morning brought us a new adventure. We woke up and the water would not run at all. I knew then that our pipes were frozen! I had no idea to call at first. We had our Oxford real estate agent’s business card on the fridge. So I decided to give him a call. He recommended C Mac plumbing. He is an Oxford plumber. He was able to save many of our pipes. He even asked me how our roof looked from the ice. He sent out a Birmingham roofer to take a look free of charge.

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