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The European Advertising In Games Forum brings together advertising agencies, leading brands, game companies and technology companies for the first time. The forum identifies and examines the opportunities and pitfalls in the use of advertising in video games and provides a unique assessment of the driving forces that are shaping this market.

The huge growth in game playing audiences among key demographics offers a new and an unprecedented opportunity for agencies to connect brands with content savvy consumers. The conference program features pioneers and practitioners from both the agency/client and game developer perspectives and will provide critical information on how advertising can add realism and revenue for new games and offers insights on the range of options and ROI available when considering games as a new medium.

Speakers include:

Alex Chapman, Partner, Briffa
Brandon Berger, Senior Strategist, Ogilvy One
Crawford Christie, MD Arkenford
Ed Bartlett, VP Publishing, IGA Partners
Maryam Bazargan, Managing Director, New Street Media
Guy Bendov, Founder, Double Fusion
Henry Piney, Vice President International, Nielsen Entertainment
Ian Baverstock, Director of Business Development, Kuju
Ian Bogost, Researcher and Developer, Georgia Institute of
   Technology, Persuasive Games
Jason Kingsley, Co-Founder and CEO, Rebellion group
Jonathan Epstein, Agent, United Talent Agency
Julian Ireland, Communications Director, Hive Partners
Justin Townsend, IGA Worldgroup, CEO
Matt Davies, Director of Business Development, Codemasters
Michael Nutley, Editor, New Media Age
Nicholas Lovell, Director, Lodestar Partners
Nick Parker, MD Parker Consulting
Sean Dromgoole iqoption x, CEO, Gamevision
Shawn McMichael, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Casual Games
Steve Schlenker, Managing Partner, DN Capital
Stuart Dinsey, Owner / Publisher, MCV / Intent Media

Facts and Figures:

With 250 million computer and video game units sold in 2004, and over $25 billion in revenues, the electronic gaming sector is now the fastest growing sector in the entertainment industry.

The average age of a console game is now 29, with an above-average education and income. It�s no longer about kids in their bedrooms, games are taking media time and awareness directly from TV viewership.

In 2004, TV viewership declined by 12% in the target group of males 18-34 years old while, at the same time, this group spent 20% more time playing games. Nielsen

The fastest growing media segments in 2006 will be videogame advertising (40%), online advertising (27%), movie screen advertising (25%), branded entertainment (18%), local/regional cable television (12.8%) and custom publishing (10%), whereas TV ad spend will actually decline. Jack Myers Media Business Report

3/4 of households with a male age 8-34 own at least one videogames console. Nielsen

Independent tests by companies such as Nielsen Entertainment show that recall of ads in games is as high as 60% thanks to the immersive and interactive game environments they are placed in.

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